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Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Best amazoncloud-training-in-visakhapatnam

Amazon Web Services(AWS)

Are you in search of the best institute for Amazon Web Services training, then you are at the right place.Learning AWS requires a professional guidance who shall be there for you and assist you to learn the platform from start till the end. Pivotalsoft is a similar place which promises to give you the best coaching in Amazon Web Services, here, our professionals will guide you from the beginning till the end and make you well versed in that particular area. We will teach you everything about Amazon Web Services platform and after which we will also give you the practical knowledge on how it works.

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services - (AWS) is fast becoming the must have certificate for any IT professional working with Cloud Computing. This course is designed to help you master the NEW AGE AWS and one can match with Developer Associate (DA) designation. Even if you have never logged in to the AWS platform before, by the end of our AWS training you will be able to take the Developer Position. No specific programming knowledge is needed (though knowing a language would be advantageous) and no prior AWS experience required. With AWS certification under your belt, you will be in high demand by many employers and will command a superior salary.

AWS are constantly evolving their platform, in 2017 there have been over 1300 new product releases. As 2018 progresses we will continuously update this course with new content so you will never have to worry about missing out or failing the AWS certification test because of new content. There is a new June 2018 exam and this course is based off that curriculum.

Topics Included:

  • Introduction of Basic Networking
  • IP address and Subnetting
  • Introduction of AWS
  • Configuring Amazon Virtual private cloud
  • Creating public and private subnets
  • Creating Internet gateway and attach to your VPC
  • Creating Public and Private Routing Tables
  • Creating Security Groups and ALC’s
  • Creating key pair file and configuration
  • Amazon Linux instance Configuration
  • Connecting Amazon Linux instance from Linux and windows client system
  • AWS Windows EC2 instance Configuration
  • Connecting Amazon Windows instance from Linux and windows client system
  • To configure Web server on Amazon Linux instance with Elastic IP
  • Assigning Elastic IP address
  • Managing Elastic Block store
  • Managing IAM Users, Groups and policies
  • Configuration of Amazon Simple storage Service
  • Configuring Amazon Cloud Watch
  • Configuring Amazon Simple Notification Service
    • Configuring Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
    • Configuring Auto Scaling with Load Balancer
    • Configuring an Elastic Beanstalk with Tomcat Application
    • Configuring an Amazon Relational Database Service
    • Amazon Dynamodb Configuration
    • Amazon Cloud formation Configuration
    • Amazon Simple EMail Service
    • Amazon Simple QUEUE Service
    • Amazon Route S3 Configuration
    • Amazon EFS Service
    • Amazon Cloudfront Service
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    Prerequisites For AWS:

    Before jumping into anything it is better to know everything as AWS is an Amazon cloud computing service. It is recommended to have a brief knowledge on what cloud computing is and how it works on.(all this will also be taught in the demo itself) Rest all depends on one’s passion and keen interest to learn AWS.

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    Why Is Pivotalsoft The Best Choice For You?

    Pivotalsoft is one of the best institutes for Amazon Web Services. It is also like a one-stop destination for all the software courses. There would be no such courses left which we don’t provide training for. Starting from Android, IOS, Python, Hadoop, Big Data to Data Science, Amazon Web Services, Digital Marketing, everything we provide each and every trending software courses are being trained by us.That's not just, we even provide you best job opportunities too. We even provide you internship opportunities in our agency where you can interact with other staff, can enhance your skills and can learn more from our team of experts.

    About The Trainer:

     Tableau training

    For the training in Amazon Web Services we have one of the best teacher in Vizag who has an experience of about 3+ years, and is an expert in Amazon Web Services. He have taught in various parts of India, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Kochi and now in Vizag.He have also got a lot of positive feedback from our students too and certainly is one of the best to learn the subject from

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