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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

Pivotalsoft being one of the best Digital Marketing training institute in Visakhapatnam. Whereas there are different Digital Marketing coaching centers in Visakhapatnam but among all of these, only Pivotalsoft has made an impact in these many years. We have made a reputation in Vizag for giving the best training in Digital Marketing, with high end theory and practical oriented classes we have made “Digital Marketing” a fun to learn subject. Digital Marketing is growing everyday since the past few years, and the trend will continue for the next decade or so. Just think yourself once, technologies are being built every day, new requirements are generating new services and with so many services and products we have a big competition on the web. With big competition comes bigger challenge to sell, in simple words, what we need the most is the marketing of those products/services to beat the competition and get success.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing of any service or product using electronic media is Digital Marketing.The marketing strategies are something which changes too, with new tools like retargeting Digital Marketing gets an cutting edge over traditional marketing but the thing we need to remember is, with any organisation, traditional marketing still gets an edge over digital marketing even after much higher ROI. Digital Marketing came into light in between the years 1990 and 2000. Digital marketing changed the view of marketing and made an enhancement in the traditional way of marketing and in the way brands and business is nowadays using the internet platform for the marketing purpose. Marketing in the digital platform has been increasing with every year and are being incorporated in every plan of the marketing field and people are also using the more of the internet platforms instead of physically going to the shops and stores. Which is an important reason for which the online marketing has become one of the important platforms for marketing! Digital marketing involves different categories in it like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing (SMM), web designing, web development, e-commerce marketing, email marketing, display advertising marketing, ebooks, social media optimization, optical disks and the gamings are becoming advanced and used by most of the people.

Topics Included In Digital Marketing:

  • Mod1: Web Designing with Wordpress
  • Mod2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mod3: Blogging and Adsense
  • Mod4: Google Ads
  • Mod5: Social Media Optimization and marketing
  • Mod6: Email-Marketing
  • Mod7: Google Analytics
  • Mod8: Online Money Making Practices

Prerequesites For Digital Marketing:

Even though Digital Marketing is a high trending field and for sure not replaceable in the next 20 years, even though every module is technical and individually demanding in itself but still to join a course in Digital Marketing Training there is absolute no big prerequisites, except only few:

  • Handsfree in using Internet
  • Knowing web designing can be an addon
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Why Choose Us ?

  • Pivotalsoft is one of the best Digital Marketing programming training institute in Visakhapatnam that provides the best training and coaching in every aspect of Digital marketing and also helps you in implementing it practically on a website or business.
  • Pivotalsoft has been in this field for 12 years and is excelling a lot by every passing year,turning stones into gems.
  • We help our students not only in our institute but also give our best to be in contact much after the training too.
  • We have the best trainer in Visakhapatnam and he himself could be the biggest reason to join pivotalsoft.

About The Trainer:

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Our Digital Marketing trainer has worked with multiple institutes as a trainer, with separate entities as a freelancer and has helped many businesses grow by using his digital marketing techniques.He is also taking workshops on Digital Marketing at several places in India, currently he resides at Vizag and its our felicity to have him onboard and we feel it’s the right time for anyone to avail the best training from him.

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